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Privacy Policy

INFORMATIVE REPORT ON THE TREATMENT OF PERSONAL DATA FOR COMMERCIAL INFORMATION Art. 13 decree of law n. 196/2003 - Code on the protection of personal data

Dear Sirs,

we would like to inform you that, following a specific license and prefecture’s authorization (according to the articles 115 and 134 of the Testo Unico delle Leggi di Pubblica Sicurezza – Sole Text of Public Security Laws), our Companies gather personal data coming from public registers, lists and public archives or contained in public deeds or documents (kept, for example, by Chambers of Commerce or at the Land Registry Office) or generally accessible (as they are taken, for example, from category lists, press releases and web pages which can be seen by anyone.)

Our Companies can gather information concerning organizational, productive, industrial, commercial, economic, financial, property, administrative and book-keeping aspects regarding the activity carried out by economic actors (such as individual or family-owned enterprises, individual entrepreneurs, professional, etc)., as well as data concerning private people not carrying out any entrepreneurial or professional activity (such as, just to give a brief and non-exhaustive list: Chamber’s searches, charges, mortgage data, balance sheets, protests and bankruptcy.)

These data are treated by our Companies, as autonomous owners, to issue to the third requesting parties (our customers) services of business information aimed at evaluating the activity, profitability and economic and commercial competences of a person or company and to carry out checks regarding existing or future business relationships (which, without correct and complete information, could not be developed.) Information regarding commercial actors can be requested by our customers, also in the form of lists (sorted by sectors or categories), also for marketing activities, telephone contacts and mail communications with commercial, promotional and advertising goals, (always respecting information obligations and the prohibitions contained in the privacy law regarding the use of automatic systems, such as: e-mail, fax, pre-registered telephone messages and SMS, without a previous authorization of the concerned people.)

In particular, information are mostly gathered through IT instruments and saved in our electronic databanks following specific checks (also IT checks) aimed at guaranteeing their suitability, completeness and accuracy and they are periodically updated. Our databanks are organized and maintained with all the necessary IT procedures for sending to our customers, also in a computerized way, documents containing the data taken from public sources and/or the analysis, comparison and processing of these data in order to issue informative reports or files with economic or commercial content to be sent to our customers who request them.

While issuing these reports or files, personal data gathered by our Companies can also be analyzed or statistically processed, also in an automatic way, in order to give a synthetic evaluation or a score on the level of reliability, solvency or economic and commercial capacity of the company or person concerned (the so called scoring) and/or on the insolvency probability of a business (the so called rating), taking into account, for example, its general property, economic and financial situation, as well as former and current credits and debts, also referred to exponents or managers with relevant charges.

Shall our customers require it, personal data can also be integrated and enriched through mail, fax or telephone searches via private sources (other companies or economic actors) aimed at gathering further commercial information concerning the so-called payment experiences of a business or professional person with their customers, suppliers or partners. For these matters, the information given by these latter subjects for our customers can anyway be sent to Companies dealing with commercial information, like ours, to verify the reliability and solvency of the actor. Book-keeping data are processed in an aggregate way within our systems and informative reports. It is instead absolutely forbidden to gather sensitive data, as well as information protected by company or industrial secrecy.

All personal data which are gathered and processed by our Companies are archived and protected with suitable privacy and security measures, also if they are used by electronic systems or communication networks, and can be known, within our Companies, only by employees and external co-workers who are responsible or in charge of gathering, analyzing, processing and communicating these data or of editing economic informative reports, as well as technical maintenance activities of our IT systems.

Personal data cannot be shared and can be spread, also with IT instruments, only to our customers, located in Italy or abroad, who require them.

Finally, we would like to inform you that the normative report on privacy (art. 7 decree of law 196/2003) gives to every concerned person or actor the right to know, in any moment, if and which of his/her data are being processed by each of our Companies and to assert the rights concerning their treatment (correction and update of wrong or incomplete data, cancellation of data treated against the law, opposition following legal reasons to a particular use or, anyway, to their treatment for marketing purposes.)

For further information on the activities of data treatment carried out by each of our Companies and for any specific request concerning personal data, you can refer to our informative reports on privacy contained in our websites or get in touch with us as specified here below.

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