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Company Profile

Founded in 2005 and affiliated to Cerved (the Italian leader in Business Information) since December 2011, Cerved Credit Management is a company specialized in the assessment and management of non-performing loans (NPL).

Cerved Credit Management, dealing with judicial and extrajudicial mortgages and corporate receivables, provides a far and wide range of services, from credit assessment and management to the resale of goods and real estate.

Being the Italian leading player in the credit risk management industry, Cerved Credit Management offers specialized solutions, ensuring lower costs and a quicker resale.

The following significant figures are evidence of the Company's strength

In 2014 Cerved Credit Management managed:

  • 100 credit portfolios
  • 70 customers
  • 800 large credit exposures
  • 20,000 mortgage loans
  • 132,000 loans to SMEs enterprises and leasing receivables
  • 1,3000,000 consumer loans

Management of non-performing bank and personal loans:

  • € 10.3 billion in Q3 2014
  • € 8.921 billion in Q1 2014

The financial crisis has made this industry particularly strategic, turning the resale of goods from a niche market into a real and concrete need.

Starting from this perspective, Cerved Credit Management has launched MARKAGAIN, an advanced platform for the combined management and resale of non-performing assets.

MARKAGAIN uses two different sales channels for Luxury Goods and Machinery, Equipment and Vehicles: Luxury Goods are promoted on web site, while Machinery Equipment and Vehicles, linked to the business world, through portal.