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About Us

MARKAGAIN – your dealer for smart business

MARKAGAIN – your dealer for smart business – is the first platform for the management and resale of used Machinery, Equipment, Vehicles and Real Estate assets  arising from non-performing loans.

MARKAGAIN is a service offered by Cerved Credit Management, which capitalizes on more than 10 billion Euros of credits and troubled assets which are currently under management.

The business fields covered by MARKAGAIN – your dealer for smart business – are:

  • Machinery
  • Equipment
  • Private, commercial and industrial vehicles
  • Residential, commercial and industrial property

MARKAGAIN was founded with the aim of satisfy its customers through offering a broad portfolio of distinguished goods and services:

  • Direct Management of the Assets

MARKAGAIN knows the origin and all the characteristics of each product . Therefore, it  can choose the most effective sales process. Nearly all of the goods sold are physically in our custody. This makes it easier for the customer to see and try the product of interest with a short notice period.

  • Network of specialized brokers, real estate agents and cutting-edge marketing tools

With the goal to propose the assets and optimize the sales process. MARKAGAIN has developed a worldwide network of high-skilled international brokers, who have been carefully selected, as well as the best sales tools, such as our new website

  • Technical assistance for the seller and the buyer

A team of experts is always available to better manage each step of the sales process and any problems which may occur during the management / development of the property, while offering legal and tax assistance. MARKAGAIN always operates within sales procedures that guarantee safety and reliability, both to the Seller and to the Buyer, anywhere across the world.